More than 10,000 tourists visit Tan Trao National Historical Site

According to data from the Tourist Sites Management Board in Tuyen Quang province, more than 10,000 tourists visited Tan Trao National Historical Site during the holiday to celebrate the country's National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2022).

Tourists undergo the experience of paddling a bamboo raft on Na Nua lake in Tan Trao National Historical Site.
Tan Trao National Historical Site covers an area of 2,500 hectares, where there are 177 places  standing as  historical relics of Vietnamese revolution  zones that were being dubbed  "Capital of the Revolution Zone", "Capital of the Liberation Zone" during  1945 -1954 period. President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked there. In 1945, he led the  August Revolution  with Vietnamese people to rebel against  French invaders until the Vietnamese's  victory in 1954.

As of now, the number of tourist visiting this historical site reached nearly 480,000, consisting of some 500 from foreign countries. This National Historical Site aims to draw some 1.5 million tourists, including 2,000 from foreign countries  by 2025.

Today,  Tan Trao National Historical Site has become an important place reminding  the cadres and members of  the party , people and younger generation  about President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese Revolution during 1945-1954 period.
Translated by Tien Do


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