Goats kept on farms for meat

Goats are kept on farms in many parts of Son Duong district, but are kept mainly in Trung Yen commune of the district.

Cut green grass  is the  main feed for  goats while they are kept in barns.( Photo by Quang Hoa).
Goat weighs some 30 kilogram each. The reproductive cycle of a female  mature goat can reach two times per year. Goat's meat is kept stable in  selling  price for all times . Currently, the number of goats kept in the commune has increased to 1,800 and more would be kept by farmers  in the district's other villages.

According to the Commune Farmers' Union, farmers in the commune are keeping many different species of goats, including native goats and hybrid goats. A mature goat can reach a weight of some 40 kilogram.

A goat species imported from Thailand is also being kept by many households. A mature goat of the imported goat species can reach a weight of 70 kilogram. A female goat has a gestation period of five months, giving birth twice a year with an average of two  baby goats each time. Goats can be brought to the slaughterhouse after about 7-8 months of being kept. The price per kilogram of goat's meat is some VNĐ 300,000.

Goat kept on farms in Trung Yen commune is the best-selling cattle. Currently, the commune is creating the best conditions for farmers to access loans from banks so that they can invest more in goat farms. In addition, the district also promotes investment in the trademark registration of the goat species being kept in the commune.


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