WHO, U.S. highly value Viet Nam's experience on COVID-19 fight

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam met with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to discuss on disease prevention in Ha Noi on February 28.

Dam said that following the meeting on COVID-19 outbreak with experts of the two organizations last month, Viet Nam deployed mandatory health declaration for incoming travelers from COVID-19 hit regions, which is more drastic than the WHO’s recommendations. 

Viet Nam regarded the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic as a global task, thus its success would contribute to the common efforts in the world, Dam stressed.

As the COVID-19 is a new disease and has developed unexpectedly, Viet Nam has coped with the epidemic and learned from its experience.

Now, the epidemic has entered a new period at global scope, thus Viet Nam has taken new measures and expects to seek recommendations from the two organizations, said the Deputy PM.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long briefed about recent situation in Viet Nam and shared the country's measures aimed at strict control of the epidemic.

All ministries, agencies and localities have joined the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in accordance with synchronous directions from the central level, Long added.

The nation has focused on early detection and treatment of infection cases while treament methods have been constantly improved, according to the Deputy Minister of Health.

The Representatives from the WHO and CDC praised the Vietnamese Government's high determination as well as its comprehensive and effective measures in the fight against the epidemic over the past two months. 

Kidong Park, the WHO Representative to Viet Nam, expected Viet Nam has shared its experience in a transparent manner with the international community, especially its measures on quarantine and treament.

He said the control of the epidemic at global level would be more difficult, thus Viet Nam should share its experience with the international community.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mathew Moore, a representative from the CDC assessed that the Vietnamese Government has quickly taken effective and drastic actions. So far, all 16 infection cases have been successfully cured.  

Moore hoped that Viet Nam would share information and experience with the international community especially the genetic sequence of the COVID-19 virus in Viet Nam.

Moore also pledged to collaborate closely with the Vietnamese relevant agencies in the fight against the epidemic. 

In reply, Deputy PM Dam, who is the Head of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control, reiterated Viet Nam's readiness to deal with the worst scenario while calling for continued support from the WHO and the CDC in the epidemic combat./.

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