Tuyen Quang and Korea's localities together build up working relationship

Leaders of Tuyen Quang province on September 28 chaired a meeting with Korean Ambassador in Vietnam Park Noh-wan. The meeting focused on ways of developing working relationship between the province and Korea's localities.


Provincial leader  presides over the meeting  with the Korean Ambassador.

The meeting brought together provincial leaders, including Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Chau Van Lam, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Son as well as some leaders from the province's  departments and important sectors.

In his speech to the meeting, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Chau Van Lam underslined  that the working relationship between Tuyen Quang province and Korean localities and organizations has developed  along with the deep and  firm friendship between Vietnam and Korea. With the backing from  Korean Ambassador  Park Noh-wa and the information exchange between the two sides, Tuyen Quang province and Imsil district of Jeollabuk province in Korea  reached an formal agreement on receiving Vietnamese workers, who will be sent to Korea  as seasonal workers. Tuyen Quang city will be the representative of the province to sign this agreement.

Provincial Party Secretary Chau Van Lam gifts Korean Ambassador a brocade blanket made by the people from Tay ethnic group.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee believes that with his vast knowledge of Vietnam, the Korean Ambassador continues to help Tuyen Quang province by persuading Korean businesses, organizations and investors to come to the province for having understanding of the investment climate, contributing to further strengthening the  strategic corporate partnership between Vietnam and  Korea.

   In his speech to the meeting, Korean Ambassador Park Noh-wan shared his overwhelming feelings and expressed his sincere thanks for warm affection the provincial leaders showed to him. He made a promise that he will continue to provide helps and create the best conditions so that  the province  connects with localities of Korea to establish the working relationship that contributes to the strong strategic corporate partnership between Vietnam and Korea.

Provincial leaders and Korean Ambassador have the  photo taken as a souvenir of the meeting.
Korean Ambassador Park Noh-wan  agreed with Tuyen Quang about the needs  for promoting cooperation with Korea in developing hi-tech agriculture, labor export,  investment projects  in industrial zone /complex,  tourism sector,  golf courts, the ODA supporting for infrastructure , and twinning with localities whose the culture are similar in characteristics, etc.


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