Impressive horse riding service in Lam Binh

It is so surprising to watch tourists fully transforming into a native by wearing traditional costumes and riding horses along the beautiful terraced fields in Lam Binh (Tuyen Quang). Riding horse service, a new idea that sounds more intriguing than old services such as terrain biking, kayaking, etc has recently come up and drew a lot of tourists' attention.
The idea came from Chau Thanh Phương, who is running a homestay business in Na Kem, Khuon Ha (Lam Binh). He timely captured the unique needs of the tourists and decided to buy two healthy horses for a total of VND 60 million. These horses, obviously, are well cared for to provide the best experience for tourists. Phuong also said that tourists could borrow clothes from the Tay and Mong ethnic groups while riding horses.
Chau Thanh Phương (Na Kem village, Khuon Hà commune) provides horses and the Tay costumes for tourists.


Trieu Thi Xuong, homestay owner Hoang Tuan, Na Tong village, Thuong Lam commune said her family had regularly introduced visitors to rent horses from Phuong. However, two horses were sometimes not enough to meet the needs of tourists. Therefore, other homestay owners coordinated with some local households to rent more horses. The price of the service for one hour is VND 50,000 / hour and VND 100.000-250.000 for a full service (you will be accompanied on the trip by the horse owner).

Nong Van Nghinh, Pa Han village, Phu Luu commune (Ham Yen) thought that he could grasp this opportunity and therefore, he decided to bring his horses to Lam Binh. Nghinh said his horses were currently available because it was not the time of orange crops. He has been working with some homestays such as A Phu, Tai Ngao, Hoang Tuan, Trieu Cuong, Khuoi Nhi (Thuong Lam), etc and making a handsome profit from the riding service.
A tourist enjoys riding horses taking pictures with Mong ethnic costumes.

Nguyen Thu Nguyet, a tourist from Hai Phong city said that she was very impressed with the horse rental service in Lam Binh because she could enjoy the beautiful scenery in Cai Hamlet (Na Tong village, Thuong Lam commune) and take unique photos and share them with friends and family

Homestay tourism has changed the lives of people in Lam Binh. This new business model has not only helped to develop the local economy but also preserved local cultural identity.

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